About Sallie

My Story

Though my fascination in life has mostly centered around what it takes to masterfully live into one's potential, I find it curious that my livelihood has generally focused on food service - spending my years in restaurants, natural food stores, farmers markets, recipe books, and the best food stores I could find. What's the connection? All those years, I recall the ever deepening yearning to not so much feed people's bodies, as to feed their souls. Looking back, I realize that it was in those years that I learned to feed my own. The fuller and more fulfilled I felt, the more I found myself moving out of the kitchen and into the world of people who hungered for nourishment of their whole being - of their bodies, minds, hearts, souls, and Spirit.

My ​Training

B.A. Psychology, 1979, Boston College, MA

M.S. Transpersonal Psychology, 2011, Institute of Transpersonal Psychology, Palo Alto, CA

Certification Transpersonal Coaching, 2011, Institute Transpersonal Psychology, Palo Alto, CA

My Vision

To help you nourish your wholeness in a balanced and compassionate way.


To foster in you the genuine desire to feed your body, mind, heart, and spirit fully and deeply.


And from this strong foundation, see you serve the world with your many unique and natural gifts.


Our answers are imbedded within our questions.
Everyone is a unique gift to everyone else and essential to the whole.
We are a unity in diversity, out here doing our best with intention and love.
The only way around "it" is through it in each and every moment.
Live and move from that perspective, and all is well.
We are co-creators of this Experience.

Collectively, we are God in drag.
Nothing matters and it all matters.



​​I value the uniqueness of each person.
I value each person’s story.
I value the sacredness and rightness of each person’s journey.
I value the inherent wisdom that each person embodies.
I value each person’s connection to Spirit.
I value each person’s unique contribution to the whole.
I value a balanced life that honors equally body, mind, heart, and Spirit
I value fostering a more enlightened response to self and society
I value the ongoing celebration of Life

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