Find your answers to these questions.




By discovering how resourceful, creative, whole, and capable you are of knowing just what to do. It's a matter of finding out what is standing in your way. Coaching is a process that can help you do that.


As a coach, I serve as your ally, your sounding board, your thinking partner, your mirror, an accountability buddy, a safe space, and an inspiration.


Following your lead, I guide you to your own answers by listening, reflecting, deep questioning, brainstorming, and steady support.


Together, we make it clear, then find out how to make it possible

What is coaching?

A creative process of starting where you are, and ending up where you want to be. You choose the goal. As the coach, I help you find your way there.


I support you in choosing goals and outcomes that are based on who you are and what genuinely inspires you, rather than motivated by things like fear, guilt, the status quo, or your best friend with strong opinions.

Coaching is not therapy in that it does not ask you to draw up and explore your past hurts and wounds in order to take forward moving steps in your life. 


As helpful as that is at times, the coaching process explores where you are now, how you are currently being with that, where you want to go, and the shifts you can and are willing to make to allow that to happen.



I offer a variety of ways for you to access the support you need to grow your life to the next level. Explore these different avenues and choose what suits you best.



  • Online Workshops

  • Group Coaching

  • Private Coaching

  • Phone and Skype Contact

  • Email Support

Areas of Focus

Creative Changemakers


Programs and services designed specifically for those who are hungry to make a difference in the world. Whether your vision seem large or small, every step you make to move people and the planet one step closer to greater health and sustainability is worthy of commited support. Together we will uncover your greatest vision and create a path that takes you to the heights you aspire to within the context of what is really present in your life.

Parenting to Potential


Online programs specifically designed to coach parents in the parallel journey of honoring their own needs and calling, while nurturing and guiding their children to discover their own. Designed to fit the busy and often irratic schedules that can come with parenting, these offerings give you moms and dads all the high-fives you deserve, along with plenty of guidance, new perspectives, and practices to help you raise your children to live authentic, fullfilling and meaningful lives.




Discovering  Your Vibrancy Signature


What are your gifts and talents? Your innate needs? How are you "wired"? This coaching series reveals with precision who you are and what you're here to share. Getting clear about your basic nature takes the mystery out of why some things just don't work for you (and never have!), and why other things do. Knowing this liberates you to hone in and make your decisions based on what WILL work. Following this wisdom brings far reaching and genuine health, vitality, and fulfillment into your life.




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